All change comes about as a result of us changing either what we’re thinking about, or the way we think about it.

Hypnotherapy can help you to make those important changes.

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Have you ever wanted to have more confidence when doing presentations at work - or performing before an audience?

Perhaps you have a big event coming up, a wedding speech, a driving test, or job interview either for a new job or a promotion?

Or maybe you suffer from sudden attacks of panic or severe anxiety which threaten to overwhelm you and make your life miserable?

I run a number of different Programs designed to help you.

Welcome to Elegant Thinking – Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Services

My name is Grace Jones, and I am dedicated to helping people overcome their problems, whatever they may be - to learn how to take back control of their life, to be able to make better choices, and put the fun back into living.
I can help you:-

  • Feel more relaxed and confident.
  • Find solutions to your problems.
  • Achieve your goals.

So whatever your problem -
anxiety, depression, losing weight, or lack of confidence, call now on 01208 841712 to set up your free 20 minute initial consultation or click on the link below.

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Hi, I am Grace Jones

A selection of the hypnotherapy and coaching programs I offer

Below are some of the hypnotherapy and coaching programs that I offer.
To see full details of all programs and information about the techniques I use please click here to visit the main programs page.

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4 Easy Steps to Greater Confidence

“Confidence - people think that you’re either born with it, or you’re not. Perhaps you feel that you were missed when this particular blessing was being dealt out. Well, the great news is that it is a skill, and can therefore be learned, no matter what age you are.”

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